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diana and lindsey at the wedding

Hello! If you’re reading my first post, you’re either a very early arrival or a completist who reads everything, either one of which has already endeared you to me. Whichever you are, welcome!

Here’s a little bit about me: I’m a designer and textile artist with a specialty in handmade chuppahs, the canopies used in Jewish weddings. (You can learn more about that and see highlights from my chuppah design portfolio here: gray dove design.)

I’ve been making chuppahs since 2006, but this is the first time I’ve started a blog about it. It feels a bit overdue!

I’m the type of person who can’t start a new year without resolutions, or a new project without laying out some intentions. So here are my intentions for this blog, in my favorite form–a list.

Things you will find in this blog:

1. Lots of talk about chuppahs!

2. Documentation of my work as a chuppah designer: things that inspire me, ideas and sketches, demonstrations of craft techniques and all the stages of my work-in-progress.

3. Lots of stuff about weddings! As you can probably guess, I love DIY projects. I also love green and sustainable practices, and nothing’s more green to me than choosing things for your wedding that are lasting and don’t go in a landfill after the ceremony. So, lots of that. And also…

4. …stuff about Jewish weddings especially, since that’s where my work is focused–and let’s be honest, it’s not always the easiest thing to find coverage of Jewish wedding traditions on general-interest wedding blogs. It’s not their fault, it’s demographics! But I know from personal experience how nice it is to finally find that indie ketubah artist who’s perfect for you. I’ll do my best to help with that by highlighting artists and designers whose work relates to Jewish wedding traditions, and pointing out lovely examples of Jewish weddings where I find them.

5. Creative resources. Exciting announcements! Answers to questions I get asked a lot. Chitchat about colors, flowers, venues and other sources of wedding inspiration. Features on indie designers and the beautiful products they make. Probably some blather, because I’m like that.

Things you won’t find in this blog:

1. …? I’m sure some previously unknown thing will rise up and fill this space (tuxedo shorts? my opinion of our local FedEx driver?) but until then let’s say–grumpiness. Weddings are a happy subject, so this should be an easy one. :)

Thanks for visiting. I hope this blog will be a source of inspiration to you!

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  1. Amali

    It’s a pleasure to see the results of your hard work up here! I look forward to many future posts. :)