in the studio: starting a new chuppah

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chuppah project 1 materials

It’s Monday, the day I’ve chosen to share the progress of chuppahs and other projects I’m working on.  Despite a pesky cold that has me wanting to curl up on the couch, watch Fringe and eat cake (that someone will make for me, naturally, because people with colds need cake), the blog must go on, so here I am!

The lovely images you see above are of the basic materials for a new chuppah.  Tomorrow I’ll start the process of making it, and will continue for the next four to six weeks.

Notes on the design:

This chuppah is for a wedding that will be taking place in the South.  The bride had already drawn a beautiful illustration of a live oak tree for her stationery, so that became an inspiration for the design of the chuppah.

(You may not be familiar with live oaks by name, but you’ve seen them.  Here’s a beautiful photo featuring live oaks and spanish moss from an engagement shoot on Love and Lavender:)

{ source: love and lavender, photo by Pasha Belman }

They’re very romantic, these trees.  They also have very pretty leaves and acorns, like so:

live oak leaves and acorns

{ sources: N. Carolina Native Plants Society, Clemson University }

The wedding colors are warm shades of persimmon, papaya and curry.  These and the live oak motif gave me a direction, and after sketching a few options this is the design that was chosen:

chuppah for rachel + jeremy

It’s a wreath of live oak leaves and acorns, bounded by a double border of persimmon and curry silk, on a ground of off-white linen.  I’ll be using different shades of green to get a harmonious, natural effect; the fabrics in the image at the top are just a few of the candidates.  (Having done quite a few chuppahs with leaves on them I have a large collection of greens to work with.  Greens, how I love you!)  The initials in the center will be appliquéd silk; the text of the couple’s names and wedding date will be hand-embroidered.

I’m very excited to start this project, and I look forward to sharing it with you as I go.