Hi! I’m Diana Kelley, a designer and artist based in Chicago. I’ve been making chuppahs since 2005, first under the name Gray Dove Design and later as Rafters of Cedars. My work has been featured in Daily Candy, Style at Home Magazine, the New York Observer Bridal Blog and Brides Chicago Magazine.
Each chuppah I make is unique and created by hand using appliqué, embroidery and fabric piecing, resulting in a one-of-a-kind work of textile art. My clients are a mixture of individual couples wanting a chuppah for their own wedding, and parents or grandparents seeking a family heirloom that can be shared by current and future generations.
I approach each chuppah with the same goals I had for my own: to express something unique and meaningful about the couple who will be married beneath it, to add beauty to the wedding ceremony, and to give them a lasting heirloom, a permanent reminder of the love and commitment that brought them together.
I'm always happy to chat and answer questions about chuppahs! Feel free to contact me using the form on the Contact page.
- Diana
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