What is the lead time for a custom chuppah?
Ideally I prefer to have 4-6 months to design and make a chuppah. Depending on the season I may be able to accommodate a shorter lead time; please feel free to inquire.
Do you work with clients outside the Chicago area?
Yes! I've designed and made chuppahs for clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.
What are your payment terms?
50% of the chuppah balance is due at the time the contract is signed, and the remainder when the chuppah is finished.

What's the best method for hanging a chuppah?
The most common methods are freestanding (on a frame) and hand-held (on poles).  Which you choose is a matter of personal preference.  If your wedding ceremony needs to be "moveable,” a hand-held chuppah goes up quickly and can be used anywhere.  With a larger or weightier chuppah, a freestanding frame is most practical. 
What are typical sizes for a chuppah?
A handheld chuppah will tend to be smaller—think 4x4’ or 3x5’. Freestanding chuppahs can be larger and allow for more people to stand with the couple. Common sizes for freestanding chuppahs are 6x6’ and 7x7’. 
Many of my clients choose to have a smaller textile piece made that can be hung within a larger frame, with or without a plain fabric cover above it. This allows the chuppah to be used in multiple different settings, giving flexibility for future use.
Do you supply poles or a frame with the chuppah?
My focus is on making the textile portion of the chuppah.  Usually the hanging method for your chuppah (poles, a frame, or an alternate method) is arranged with your florist, event planner or venue.
How does your design process work?
My design process begins with a consultation, where we talk about your ideas for your chuppah.  Based on our chat I make initial sketches, which we review together to pick out the ideas you like best.  After revisions we arrive at a final design, at which point we sign a contract and you place a deposit.  I generally plan to deliver the chuppah 2 weeks before the wedding date, unless otherwise agreed.
Can I send you a Pinterest board of inspiration for our chuppah?
Absolutely! I love Pinterest for sharing visual concepts.

I'm interested in having some of our family heirlooms made into a chuppah.  What are the options?
Any textile item can potentially be used as material in a chuppah.  Large items like tablecloths can be supported with a backing fabric and used in their entirety.  Smaller items like handkerchiefs and silk scarves may be combined or used as accents.  Photographs and documents can be scanned and printed on fabric, then applied to the chuppah.
I want to use a family wedding dress as material for a chuppah. Is this possible?
It’s definitely possible and I’m very happy to discuss your particular dress. As a caveat, it’s important to know that with older dresses, condition and fiber content can sometimes mean they're too fragile to be sewn. Also, although wedding dresses may seem long and full, there’s often less usable fabric than you would think due to seams, fasteners and other elements. That said, I’ve made some very beautiful chuppahs from wedding dresses and I’m always glad to consider it.
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