Standing under the chuppah and looking up and seeing the names of my parents and the beautiful Hebrew words on the exquisite canopy you created was like being wrapped with a warm blanket. It was everything  I had wished for and made the ceremony complete. Thank you for your care, creativity, sensitivity, and patience.
Carolyn, mother of the bride
Sean and I are both so, so excited to see it, touch, make it part of our wedding and our lives. Thank you for putting your skill and your heart into this incredibly personal and important project.
Angelique, bride
The chuppah is so much more beautiful than I imagined. Your work is simply gorgeous, your use of the colors just right! Deep thanks--this adds so much to the ceremony and will be the family heirloom I dreamed of.
Amy, mother of the groom
Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on our chuppah. We were blown away by how gorgeous it turned out!  It was the perfect setting for exchanging our vows; it was also very practical, as it began raining five minutes before our outdoor ceremony! (No worries--the club managers dried it as soon as the ceremony was over and it was fine)…
Lily, bride
The chuppah looks FANTASTIC, I'm so excited! Thank you so much for all the work you did; it's really beautiful and definitely unlike any I've ever seen. We're both really excited about having such a beautiful chuppah for our wedding and keepsake for after!
Valerie, bride
I can't even express into words how beautiful the finished piece is. It will definitely be the focal point of the ceremony. This chuppah is truly special and will be a piece that we hang in our home and that we pass down to our children. It was so important to Jacob and I to incorporate the family that is no longer with us into our wedding and you made it possible for us to do this. We are so pleased with your gorgeous design.
Eva, bride
I absolutely LOVE it!  It’s so gorgeous!  All that I could have hoped for and more. And Edward loves it as well.  We cannot wait to stand under it and eventually hang it as art in our home. You are amazing!!
Andrea, bride
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